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Parish Safeguarding Rep

I am very pleased that Nicky Crowther has agreed to take over the task of Safeguarding Rep for our parish. It is no sinecure. I joined her and Simon Moules on Zoom this week as he gave her the initial training. It leaves her with lengthy documents to read to understand the labyrinth of Safeguarding policies, practice and procedures. She joins Emma Smith in this very important role for St Thomas’.

They have to manage all applications for Disclosures for safeguarding applicants. Then they are responsible for keeping all of us up-to-date with changing procedures, and keep us all alert to our duty of vigilance in regard to children and vulnerable persons.

A reminder: If you have any concern about a possible case of abuse or malpractice you can contact them by email (it is on the church Safeguarding notice board). You can phone Quentin or the parish office who will put you in touch with Nicky or Emma. All in complete confidentiality. If in doubt get in touch and we can talk it through.

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