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Pope Francis and Synod

In small ways we have started. Several small groups have gathered to begin the task Francis has set us. First of all it is to listen. What is our parish for? What do we want it to be? What is our church for? What do we think about it? Francis wants us to speak out about the good and the bad, the hopes and fears, the joys and sadnesses, the possibilities. We need to put into words the thoughts and feelings that usually we hide. It is certainly not to be: “What I ought to think”

I have found what seems a good idea from a parish in Southampton. They chose a Sunday and reduced every mass to the bare minimum somewhat as we did at the beginning of pandemic when we were told to get you out of church as quickly as possible. So: very brief singing, no homily or sermon, no bidding prayers. Then after the gospel each person had a sheet of paper and pen to write their thoughts and feelings about their parish. It was the first step of being Synodical. How would you feel about doing it in SToC? It is for you to say what you think and feel of the above. Will you do it? If so start thinking, perhaps making notes, now. Talk about it in the family. It seems a good idea to me. I am looking to find what Sunday will be best for the exercise. Is it possible to do this on Sat/Sunday 26/27th of this month?

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