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Serious about Mass and Communion?

It has been good to see the increasing numbers returning to Sunday Mass. The 8 month long preparation of our 7 year olds began with enthusiasm last week. The purpose is simple: to teach the children to love Jesus. It is not like mathematics or English, requiring specialist knowledge of a subject. At this stage of life your child can just begin to understand – perhaps find the first glimmer of understanding – of Jesus in the communion host. From baptism you have taught them to know God our father, to say simple prayers. You parents are the only ones who can teach this next stage. Principally by showing that you love Jesus, coming to mass every Sunday. So you are all involved. First by regular sharing weekly mass. We have 3 marvellous teachers in Nicola, Teresa and Gretel who provide the help for the weekly work you will do at home. It can be an interesting and warming experience. Will you make it so?

And for the rest of us Pope Francis provides a profound instruction on Jesus’ saying: “I have longed, and longed to eat this pasch with you”? What are we going to do about it?

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