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St Thomas of Canterbury Church, Woodford Green Restoration Fund Update from the Finance Committee

St Thomas of Canterbury Church, Woodford Green

Restoration Fund Update from the Finance Committee

As a result of the continuing generosity of Parishioners through the pandemic it has been possible to look forward and invest in the future of our Parish. As we approach the financial year-end, we are able to provide the following update on current Parish projects:

The heating project, serving St Thomas Church, the Becket Centre and the Friary, has been successfully completed, on budget, but was extended to include some necessary asbestos removal and the inclusion of a PV panel array to supplement future energy needs. Visitors to the Church and the Becket Centre will have seen the high standard of the installation; the control room is an impressive sight! The Parish has already paid for three-quarters of its financial commitment to the project; the balance will be paid back against a loan from the OFM over the next three years, funded from the Restoration Fund pledges made to date.

The much-needed Church porch renovation is well in hand, with the fitting of new, impressive oak entrance doors, a glass door to the revamped Parish Shop, anti-damp measures in the Parish Shop and an electrical refit. The porch renovation, which will be completed soon, will include redecoration and plans to improve the access to the Church from the porch.

The Becket Centre committee has progressed the renovation of the Becket Centre, which represents an important facility for the Parish community. The upstairs rooms of the Becket Centre have been refurbished and members of the committee have coordinated and carried out themselves some of the hard work associated with the redecoration, new flooring, lighting upgrade and the restoration of the staircase. The next phase of the project will be to renovate the Henrietta suite to provide a better and cleaner space for parish groups and private rentals.

Two wooden huts, used by scouts, guides, brownies and other Parish groups have been replaced, as the previous structures were well past their useful service life. The old structures will be demolished soon.

The Parish council is actively looking into an upgrade and development of the audio-visual facilities for the Church.

None of this work could take place without the dedicated and tireless work of many individuals within our Parish and, of course, if it were not for the kind generosity of our parishioners who contribute to the Restoration Fund. Thanks to everyone involved! The Parish council welcomes new ideas and volunteers to ensure that the continuing donations to the Restoration Fund can be put to good use in future investment projects for our Parish community.

Finally, the Finance Committee would be delighted to hear from new potential members who feel able and willing to offer their relevant services in the supervision and stewardship of the Parish’s financial management.

If you would like to assist, please email the Parish Office in the first instance.

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