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Stage one of Synodal process

Meet, speak to each other, listen. You have perhaps heard people say: “If I were Pope for a day I would….” Whimsey. Each of us has a whole list of things for demolition. Our church hereabouts is haemorrhaging fast. Get rid of clericalism, of the power and control, of outdated parts of canon law. Give women their proper place.

But No! No! This synod is not at all to be like that. Just a hint from Chesterton. He wrote: “I woke up on Christmas Day to see at the end of my bed two stockings filled with a magnificent gift: a pair of feet”. Clear? The first thing we have to do is to discover what the Synod is about, and our part in it. Enough till next week. But I hold my breath for a volunteer contact person to come forward.

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