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SVP Annual Report - year ending March 31, 2022

2021/2022 was another difficult year for our members, having to work around COVID-19 restrictions. There were very few face to face visits to our beneficiaries, however contact was maintained by phone, etc.. Help was given to 60 families and 25 elderly beneficiaries in their own homes.

In addition we helped 10 homeless individuals and as many with mental health issues. Furniture and electrical appliances were supplied in 6 cases.


Incoming £6,300 - made up of individual parishioner donations plus St Thomas collections

Outgoing £6,100 - made up of families/individuals in need £4,600 plus S.V.P. Disaster funding £1,500

Please support the S.V.P. Parish Christmas collection next weekend December 3 & 4 at all masses.

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