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Telco: A regularisation process for undocumented people in the UK

In 2007 our parish joined the Citizens UK Strangers into Citizen march in Trafalgar Square which resulted in the regularisation for thousands of undocumented migrants,

Prime Minister Boris Johnson backed the strangers into citizens campaign and has consistently called for undocumented migrants to be regularised including in his first week as Prime Minister.

We believe, if we can secure enough Conversative MPs to back Boris' stance on this issue, we can win justice for our 800,000 to 1 million neighbours who don’t have papers. This affects their ability to work, study and support their children - leaving them open to exploitation.

On Wednesday 2nd June, 6pm - 7:15pm we’re hosting an initial call on Zoom to discuss a proposal to secure Iain Duncan Smith’s MP support to settle the status of undocumented migrants. Please call Bernadette on 07754477532 If you are interested in supporting this action

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