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We pray with the Holy Souls

Our response is to turn still more to God and prayer. Each day one mass will be offered for your loved ones living now with Him. Please give us the list of those for whom you wish to pray. The names will lie before the altar at each mass through the month. St Paul reminds us that we are not like other people who have no hope of eternal life. We are certain that anyone who has tried to live with and like Jesus goes to God. Our prayer is the deep divine- and human- communication system through which we live the Communion of Saints. We are saints on earth – some of us mightily imperfect but still saints because we believe and try. They are in heaven and we do not hear their answer back to our prayers for them. Except that the small measures of comfort that come and go in our grief are the unrecognised bytes of their communication in the Spirit. We pray for and with the Holy Souls. Located everywhere.

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