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Chigwell Convent, Chigwell, Essex

Chigwell Convent is the motherhouse of the international Congregation of the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. 

Our mission is twofold and is summed up in this phrase of our founder, Father Victor Braun: 

Jesus Christ and the Poor

Through our service we seek to bring the love and compassion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus into the lives of poor people who are broken, sick or on the margins of society, especially those not cared for by others. Never losing sight of their daily struggle, we work with them to identify and transform underlying causes of suffering in a practical, compassionate way.

In all the countries where we minister (UK, Ireland, Zambia, Uganda, California, El Salvador, Colombia, The Philippines) we strive to be a faithful witness to the risen Lord who ‘came to serve and not be served’. 

We invite the laity to live and work with us as Associates for a defined period so as to hasten the coming of the Kingdom of God and give new life to our congregation.

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