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About Loyola Preparatory School 


About the school 


Loyola is an independent School for boys, aged 3 - 11

"At Loyola we have three wishes: to discover the talents of our pupils, to encourage a spiritual awareness and sense of community and to prepare the boys for a future in a multi-cultural world."
Headmaster Mr Nicholson

As a Christian school, its values are based on the principles and characteristics of Jesuit or Ignatian education. The ethics of justice, communal responsibility and service for the good of others are encouraged within this Christian framework. 

The aim of the school is to discover the talents of pupils - academic, creative, athletic and artistic - and to enable these to be exploited to the full both in the interests of the pupils themselves but also with a view to serving the wider community. 

There is a wish to encourage a spiritual awareness and a real sense of community. The boys are prepared for their future life both in relation to their further educational career in secondary school, but also as citizens in a multi-cultural world committed to working for the greater good of the community. 

Along the way many will be prepared for entrance and scholarship examination at 11+, but as a means to the end of finding the most appropriate secondary school. 

The school is Catholic school, but they welcome pupils of all denominations and creeds. 




103 Palmerston Road, 
Buckhurst Hill, 


For more information, please visit the school website

For admissions, please phone the school office on 020 8504 7372 

Headteacher: Mrs Kirsty Anthony


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Tel :   020 8504 7372 

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