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The Music Group

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The Music Group was introduced as an alternative kind of music for the Children’s Liturgy Mass held at 10am every Sunday. After consulting with Stella Middlemiss, the group was founded on the lines of her own Music Ministry at nearby All Saint’s, and the first 10am music group appeared in January 1992.

The ‘alternative kind of music’ had to appeal both to children and a generally younger congregation. It needed to retain reverence in worship but also include a new dimension - a contemporary feel, far removed from the 'Victorian' style. So the songs have a modern sound/format, and lyrics which sound natural and meaningful.

The whole Mass has a more upbeat and ‘joyful’ ambience. For those who prefer a more conservative Liturgy, Saturday 6pm, and Sunday at 8.30am and 11.30am each have their own style in a more traditional format.

The Music Group hopes it gets it right in the choice and style of songs performed. Judging by attendance figures, (and the many small faces gazing curiously at the group members) we must be doing something right! The songs are chosen to ensure they complement the theme of the church calendar, so if you have a request, we will be happy to fit it in as soon as is appropriate.

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