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About St Antony's RC Primary School


St Antony's Mission Statement


At St. Antony's we offer all that we do to God. We are a school family that respects and supports individuality. We develop children to appreciate their role in the wider community. We nurture life long learners and celebrate achievement as we come to know God's love.

The children pray the motto each day: 

Res idonia ad tempus in loco ad deum per Jesum.

(The right thing at the right time in the right place for God through Jesus.)

About the school


The school day begins with prayer celebrated by the whole school before children go in to class. Parents are encouraged to attend collective worship and school masses when these events occur. 

The school aims to provide a broad, balanced curriculum, to help each child to reach his or her full potential. Teaching is achieved through a mixture of cross-curricular study, subject work and whole class lessons. 

St Antony's has a strong bonds between families who attend the school and the wider parish community. 


Aims of the School


In the statement "Mission Statement into Practice" the school have agreed aims to establish a learning environment which develops children fully. These are:

  • We aim to encourage and enable each child to develop a positive self image, to be highly motivated and to accept responsibility for his / her own actions. 

  • We aim to provide a stimulating environment which encourages academic progress through logical thinking and confident use of both oral and written word, an appreciation of the arts and sciences and fosters a desire to continue the learning process. 

  • Through the deliverance of curriculum areas we aim to lead our children on their faith journey. 

  • We know that at the heart of everyone there are gifts of the Spirit and we aim to encourage the potential in each child. 

  • We aim to foster the responsibility towards their wider community and environment. 

  • We aim to establish and maintain a positive partnership between home, school and Church encouraging parents/carers to be actively involved in the social and educational development of the children.

  • We aim to recruit and retain a motivated and professional staff who are actively involved in the development of the school.



Mornington Road
Woodford Wells
Woodford Green
IG8 0TX     


For more information about the school please visit their website


For St Antony's admissions criteria, please contact the school office on 020 8504 4706

Head teacher:  Miss Chantal Pampellonne

Deputy Headteacher / Assessment Leader: Mrs Kathryn Poulter
Chair of governors:  Mrs Norma Collicott


Locate This School

Tel :   020 8504 4706

Fax : 020 8559 2824



Applications are made online on the Redbridge website: 

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