About Scouts


The Scout Section is the senior section in the 43rd EFS Scout Group, and is made up of children aged 10½ to 14. 

The Scout Troop meets weekly under the guidance of a trained adult leadership team who run the Troop in conjunction with the Senior Scouts (the Patrol Leaders). The Troop is divided into smaller units – Patrols – of up to 8 Scouts led by a Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader. 

Scouts are encouraged to take part in a wide range of activities as part of their balanced programme. Recent activities that we have taken part in include climbing, abseiling, dragon boating, canoeing, camping, hiking, shooting, scuba diving, survival skills and many more. 

As Scouts progress through the Section they will have many opportunities to gain Challenge Awards and Activity Badges including First Aid, Athletics, Climbing, Hiking to name but a few. Scouts are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and each other. We run many activities, which aim to build upon core skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership.  
The 43rd Epping Forest South Scout Troop is one of the most successful in the Woodford area with a full programme of events mixed with traditional scouting skills like fire lighting and backwoods cooking and a heavy emphasis on getting out there and having fun. 

Joining Scouts

The group is limited to young people who are practising Catholics from local parishes.

A registration form is available in the documents section of the Group website www.43rdefs.co.uk, this must be filled in and returned to the address on the form, or printed copies can be obtained from the parish office. Receipt of all registrations will be confirmed and names added to the waiting list.

The 43rd is a hugely popular group with a lengthy waiting list, to give your child the best chance possible it is advisable to get them on the waiting list as soon as possible. In this respect the Group is similar to many of the popular primary schools of the area. Most of the children who join Beavers at age 6 stay with the group through the sections, this severely limits the number of places open for the Cubs section at age 8, and the Scout section at age 10.5, as we guarantee all members a place in the next section.

The 43rd is a very popular Group and each Section has a limit on the number of children it can accept, this is due to the number of leaders and physical room / health and safety.

Pauline Elkin - via Parish Office


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