STOC IT & Communications Team

What we do:

  • Manage the parish website – adding, removing, updating articles

  • Issue the parish newsletter electronically

  • Record mass for viewing online

  • Produce a quarterly newssheet – The Word

  • Manage the parish Facebook and Twitter accounts


Could you help?

Possibly you could help us in some of the following ways:

  • Gather new articles to add to the website

  • Contact owners of existing articles to keep them updated

  • Check for out of date articles to be removed

  • Help with recording mass and uploading

  • Gather and/or write new articles for The Word

  • Design of The Word or other publications (online or in print)

  • Manage posts on social media


You may have relevant IT or writing skills or simply enthusiasm to help with the various communications tasks. If so please send us an email at Communications@stthomaswoodford.org let us know where you interests lie and/or what your skills are.