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Parish Council members

Father Quentine.png

Father Quentin


Over 40 years ago I came here from the sheltered life of teaching in our Franciscan seminary.  With the then Parish Council we completely renewed the dowdy old Victorian building that was St Thomas' church.  Returning now after years in parishes, higher education, jail and other jobs I am delighted to return to engage with the present Council in renewing ourselves: the members who comprise the parish family.  The building was renewed long ago.  Now it is our turn to be shaken and turned upside down by Pope Francis.  A heady but delightful experience.

Kit Tranmer_sm.jpg

Kit Tranmer

Chair of PPC

Having been brought up in Yorkshire I moved to Woodford in 1972. I am married to Solange and have three daughters all of whom went to St Antony's. After retiring from working in Buckhurst Hill in 2008 I worked for MSF for four years. Now with daughters living in locally I spend my time helping to look after nine grandchildren. Having spent some time on the Parish Council twenty years ago I am looking forward to trying to help make changes and improvements to the Parish once more. 

Kit has been on the Parish Council since 2016. 

Deacon Mathew Ives.jpg

Deacon Matthew Ives

I was born in Woodford Green, baptised at St.Thomas' and have been a parishioner throughout my life. I have been married to Julia for 38 years and we have had three children.  Recently I retired from full time employment having spent 40 years practising law. In 2012 I was ordained as a deacon by Bishop Thomas who I am happy to say allocated me to serve in this parish.

Mike O’Sullivan.jpg

Mike O’Sullivan

Deanery Pastoral Council representative


Having been brought up in Dagenham and moved to Gants Hill when i got married in 1965 I am married to Julia and have two boys Mark & Neil and three granddaughter Evie,Ella and May I have been part of Parish for 5 years and on the parish Council for 2 years as Deanery Representative I am also involved in other Ministries within the Parish

Paul Turpin.png

Paul Turpin

Born in Chingford I moved to Woodford in 1953 aged 7. Active in the Movement for a Better World in the late seventies and eighties, both in the parish and elsewhere. Was the parish representative on the Diocesan Pastoral Council in the early eighties, and was part of the steering group which meet regularly with the bishop in Brentwood. Now back on the parish council and involved in the becket centre and adult formation through its sub-groups. 3 children, 8 grandchildren (aged 15 to 1).

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Paul Kinman

Paul Kinman

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Lorna Spears

Lorna Spears

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Michelle Spears

Michelle Spears

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Debbie Giddings

Debbie Giddings

Rob Fernandes.png

Rob Fernandes

Rob Fernandes

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Parish Pastoral Council

The parish pastoral council is an institution of largely elected members of the laity together with our parish priest who work to build the parish as a living Christian community.  Working through a series of sub-groups we attempt to support parishioners in all their activities.  Groups exist dealing with Liturgy, Finance, Fabric, Becket Centre, Adult Education, Communications and Social Activities.  We are anxious to expand these to include Youth and Welfare.

Click the month below to view/download a portable document file (pdf) of the minutes of the meeting you require.

You will require Adobe Reader software to open these files. If the file you require does not open, please go to www.adobe.comand download the free Adobe Reader.

The Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is an independent committee within the Parish set up to ensure that the Parish finances are organised in accordance with the Charities Act and in line with the Diocesan policy on financial regulation.

Current Projects


Discretionary Funding

The financial pressures of running a large parish do not get any less and the PPC and the finance committee, listening to opinion expressed at the AGM in 2004, made a judgement that a contingency fund should be retained. They also decided that a ‘Discretionary Fund’ should be established to serve these wider interests.


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