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Mass Intentions

Sunday 12th November 8.30 Stuart Ritchie RIP 10 Tina Kerr RIP 11.30 Brian Beveridge anniversary Chigwell Coeur-de-Lion family

Monday 13th November Elizabeth Hetherington anniversary Honoria Mathieson anniversary

Tuesday 14th November Tony Taylor ill Ian Howes RIP

Wednesday 15th November Peggy Maunsell anniversary Mrs B Blade sick

Thursday 16th November Theresa Fitzpatrick RIP Trinity Margaret Keegan RIP Chigwell Paige Ewen-O’Doherty intentions

Friday 17th November John Weatherill RIP Michael Campbell RIP

Saturday 18th November 10 Mary Prendergast RIP 6 Derek Faulkner anniversary

Sunday 19th November 8.30 Noreen Ryan RIP Whipps X nurse 10 Patrick Horgan RIP 11.30 Kay Stokes anniversary

Mass every day for those named before the altar


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