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The Pope found in his visit to Mongolia much to admire:

Here, Asia has much to offer and Mongolia, which lies at the heart of this continent, possesses a great patrimony of wisdom that its various religions have helped to create and that I would like to urge all to explore and appreciate. I will limit myself to mentioning, albeit briefly, ten aspects of this patrimony: a healthy relationship to tradition, despite the temptations of consumerism; respect for your elders and ancestors – today how greatly do we need a generational covenant between old and the young, a dialogue between grandparents and grandchildren! Also, care for the environment, our common home, another great and pressing need, for we are in peril. Then too, the value of silence and the interior life, as a spiritual antidote to so many ills in today’s world. Also, a healthy sense of frugality; the value of hospitality; the ability to resist attachment to material objects; the solidarity born of a culture of interpersonal bonds; and respect for simplicity. Finally, a certain existential pragmatism that tenaciously pursues the good of individuals and of the community. These ten aspects are some elements of the patrimony of wisdom that this country is able to offer to the world.


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